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Money is my friend freeing my life escapades because I understand money is my friend that flows to me from all sources in the universe. www.cowboy-wisdom.com/MoneyFriend.html

I instantly let go of my inner polarizing pollution resolutely releases my revolutionary resolution unleashing my spiritual elucidations unlocking hallowed hallucinations freed me.

From being frozen in time stuck in timid limitation in my subliminal mind being wedged in my overthinking stall pledged to create a free fall in my inspired desires caused me.

To wrinkle the tinkle in my eye disallows me from living my dreams crinkling my inkling to explore my imaginative seascape.

Until right now I let go of inkling crinkling wrinkling hoodwinking myself to inanely insanely pelting myself with egotistical eggs leaving the conceited double-talk running down my face.

Complacently lacing my lackadaisical apathy in my cellular DNA is done now allows my dauntless newborn audacity to confidently walk into my confusion of my terra incognita.

To engage my brio curio to my innovative hero to stroll out to as standing ovation hearing my drum roll rollicking my core poise.

Because I unveiled my regal realness unlocked my soul dynamism to showcase I stoutheartedly melt my polarizing procrastination across my inner nation.

Because imaginative hallucinations fly high across my inner empire-building emotional landscape instantly reveals my robust imaginations.

Visual-eyes-zing entrepreneurial revolutionary sanguine ingenuity because I am thee preeminent premier invigorates my regal seer prayers enlightening.

My inner lissome piquancy enlivening m highborn frequencies electrifying the universal vista with a vigorous voltage igniting galvanizing oracle revelations unsheathes.

Rare rebel realness setting free searing endearing stalwart effrontery releasing very boneheaded effluence loitering in my imaginative imagery as I open my newborn animation tantalizing.

Innovative omnificence natural-eyes-zes my enterprising emotional notions engaging me in feeling my raging rivers of prosperity flow.

To me opening my eyes to see my effrontery cavalier express brazenly blesses astute vims aggrandizing luminary utopian sagacity.

With vibrant colorful rainbow energy excites the light in my internal flames highlight my delightful fame and fortunes to fly luxuriously amaze money energies sensuously exploding.

My opulent cash deposits declaring enflaming profuse opulence sanctifying innate talent savoring my fresh forthright feistiness.

To open the spiritual evolution I open my eyes to mystical wonderment to ride the wild and wooly cool ethers of the world unbinds my sublime shine b-lines.

My rainbow bold heart to understand the beautiful bountiful brilliance realizes the universes way to expand my internal intrepidness to unravel my daredevil gutsiness to smooth my groove.

To sooth my woo to whoosh my caboose into high gear unleashing my peerless seer to unwind my internal infancy to experience my never-ending free flowing amazing grace miracles.

Because I realize every breath I embrace emancipated new racy rich affluence canonizing yeses because my eyes see wild wisdom igniting love declaring life is.

To be experience at the speed of light delighting my heart to high five my hellfire interstellar gunfight hell on wheels searching the universes scenery uncovering challenges

To discover my gunfighter genuine undaunted natural forthrightness instigates galvanizing hegemony tenaciously engaging revolutionary wisdom in my daily adventures

To ensure I am self-assured to fly in financial luxury yessing me to feel free in daredevil decree to be different allowing people to see their enterprising wise be their game of life.

As I experience the instant witnessing of lavish avalanches of affluent success because I confessed to myself I am thee affluent aviator orbiting the earth in copious cornucopia.

Today and every day in every way in the right way in love way under grace in a divine blessed heart way and in a crystal clear pristine divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

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