Continuous Now

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Sunrise Meditation begins your day with wisdom as bright as sunrise with you inner landscape as clear and pristine as splendid sunrise.

I now understand I experience a continuous now unleashes my spiritual wow unlocks my subliminal seascape to surf the universe’s oceans of wisdom unveils visionary augury revealing.

My vehement flow of omniscient oracle oxygen opening x-ray genius engages neonatal super natural acumen sends astronomical awesome artistry.

To pour soaring ardor animation into my intuitive veins visualizing intrepid newborn scenery robustly realizing my dreams emulate my dauntless revolutionary enterprising audaciousness.

Magnetizing superstar avatar experiences opening my eyes to my sired desires reveals energized enterprising emotions amassing amazing money supply to arise new prosperity prizes.

In my collaborating continuous now as I open my inventive scene as I am so cavalier spry in my worldly wizardry as I cast my face on my Mount Rushmore showcasing my bold iron-will.

To feed seeds of sure-fired enflaming effrontery determination to my see more do more innovative entrepreneur explorer Para-sailing thru my Yule-Tide yonder exciting.

Fresh enchanting raving I am brave rant of revolutionary enlightenment declares my born to run acumen ignites my heroic commodore connoisseur to raise hell saying for sure I am self-assured.

To taste the ecospheres Filet Mignon feeling my omnipotent oats sailing away on my adventurous vessel “Opulent opportunities” embellishes the well out of my willingness.

Expands my luminary liveliness highlighting my feisty financial freedom as I proudly bow to the universe brazenly beam high self-esteem as I stand on my pedestal of success confessing.

“I am free to live my endless lavish luxury because I choose to let go of overthinking the past.”

As unravel my gravelly voice that hides inside me deprives me from my walk of fame is now shot down in flames because that raspy rhetoric is buried bedrock was like a rock in my shoe.

Sent a paralyzing pain up my leg with every step shocking me to realize I fink of my overthink when I think I have or had a past realizing I just pissed away my sassy tenacity docking.

My dreams always in all ways perilously penalizing my prosperous percipience imprisons my internal capitalist with list of rusted promises.

I made to myself false faiths broken words of others and worn out beliefs were or are my innermost robber barons because I heard the societal herd.

Say “have faith believe and expectations these words are the bank robbers of success they sound good but they sell you a bill of unwanted goods authorized me to opened my eyes.

To trust my inner robustness I unleashed a white light boldness to see the world as my truss of white light invigorates my newborn insight.

When the conscious mind hears the word “you” or “yourself” it feels somebody else opens images oneself as the subconscious mind speaks and hears me I or my.

Even though I think I am talking to somebody else the subconscious mind feels I am talking to it so it takes nap while you blatting flat chorus line of falsified fiend in my core dialog.

That has my blogging a lackadaisical spiel I will heal the world in fact the words I write or speak are about me because they are circulating from within me.

Opens this new way of omnipotently speaking to me it is I my or me even though consciously I think I am speaking and writing about others in truthfulness I am speaking and writing about me.

When I forgive me only I expand into parvenu paradigms because whenever I forgive somebody I am still shiver in shame quivering in blame.

As I realize the other person was entitled to live their life I looked at the relationship as I wanted so I listened to their words rather than pay attention to their actions because I was looking at life.

With a past present and future trying to control them which left me crying in my beer searing in a Snidely Whiplash procrastination caustically mad at the then and the world.

Because I went awry trying to control instead of listen and facilitate my sired desires which is a country western controlling lullaby that is singing your intuitive nature to sleep.

Because every person that feels they are human being is living in scarceness because we are humanly taught poverty thru human being habits that is taught.

To impoverish our innovative wit is now hit out of park unlocks stark arc flash brashness authorizes me to understand I am a canonized spiritual energy relishes.

My rainbow brilliant spiritual experience surfs the earthly plane unbridles a thoroughbred of omniscient oomph opening up a heart synergy bares my gut gusto.

To enhance the dance of my divine destiny by choosing my earthly path as we listen to science we are human beings however when a human being think they control their life path.

What is the seasoned reason all my internal organs play music without my human beingness being part of the internal band that tells my heart stomach do their thing my emotions?

Engages my conscious mind from out nowhere hmmm this opens my spiritual sapience to question scientific upshots because everything I do internally just occurs such as breathing.

Without me involved unsheathes my devious daredevil to question history school system societal structure and everything I have been told or thought was true unbridles.

My Lone Ranger to say “I love danger: dares me to declare affluence naturalizing gusto enthralling roping the wind wiliness igniting new-fangled desires to steam stoutheartedly.

From my heart to my gut to my conscious mind to unwind my risk taking hurricane riding caballero to ride the skyline with effrontery explorer lore to see the world as masked opportunity.

As I recognize my true companion in my daily escapades is my Tonto Heart and I am the Lone Ranger riding the western landscape in my sublime countryside.

Opens the way for Tonto and I confide in our trailblazing lore to live outrageously rebellious electrifying my will to ride the winds of risk with a frisky Lone Ranger Mystic.

As I ride my trusty steed Silver up and down the mountains thru the western towns announcing my profound prophesizing poetry suavely experience my life of Riley.

In a lush luxurious way today and every day in every way under grace in a rich regal way and in heart blessed loving divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

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