Everything Written in a Book is Limitation

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I now understand everything written in a book is a limitation. So I instantly open my eyes to see my imaginative décor dawn my pioneering dreams thru written words in the books.

I read breeds bold newfangled visualizations in minds eye as I audaciously authorized the sagacious words open my laser-guided eyes to exhilarate my trailblazing titan.

Unconstricts my risk-taking wit animates my astonishing admiration for who I Am in my soul source setting free my canonized chi broadcasts to the people of the world.

I won innovatively tenaciously unleashes my intuitive emotions setting in motion my enterprising potions unrestricting.

My prodigious oracle omnipotence tantalizes invigorating newborn sapience brazenly inspires my ardent desires to genteelly smooth my inventive lotions.

To charismatically smooth my intrepid innovative groove unveils my galvanizing revolutionary omniscient omnific visionary entrepreneur.

Unlocks the blocks of “I know’ to raise my curtain adroit confidence endorses me to be the hero in my movie of expanding insecure uncertainty into divine confusion.

Infusing collaborating chivalry empowers astronomical amazing gallant confidence embellishing my innermost security igniting my candid camera moxie within my skin.

Okaying my rays of sunshine to gleam esteemed prowess as I cognize the wise newness of the self-assured security of realizing the omnipotence of ‘I don’t know.’

Opens the flow of my go unleashes my genuine glow of my newborn genius lights up opportunities world wide for me to ride the tide of ridiculous inventiveness.

Declaring everyday I am unconquerable invincible vulnerable to honestly question every facet of my life to live in free flowing effervescent light of wisdom unravels.

My iron will instill “I now stand tall innovatively loving life” sanctions Infinite Spirit Opens to the way for me to be financially and spiritually free to p-p-play.

Today and everyday in every way in pristine peace plush prosperity prophesizing prayer love affluently yeses my heart to feel vehemently free.

As I proudly party in my inner spree to shop like movie star in the worldwide stores of opulent opportunities unbridles my capitalistic commodore to real-eyes.

When I let go of everything I know because to know slows my go dims glow chains in the pain of change.

In my inner scenery starts my mundane machinery ominous overthink pertaining my life situations irritating my ingrained humdrum I am bum stuck in the muck.

Of infamous infamy realizing change transformation heal create and expectations contritely connect trickery of overthink as I let loose my profuse effrontery essence.

Vigorously fathom my heart understands my path of pristine prosperity when I am in the know I am on the slow boat to nowhere called the panicked Titanic sinking me.

Into the deep perils of victim-eyes-zed-I-tice thinking I know reeking with an conscious dis-ease I am better than everybody else the world and smarter tells the world.

I am in fear of being found out I am living ambiguous fable with every word I say sounds is first stages of senselessness mirroring hay because hay is the first stage of burping BS so my breath smells like a downing drivel

Since the words I spew leaves me in a delirious dew of disallow eating weeds I am on my way to eating humble pie filled of egotistical arrogance taste like sour apples.

Causing the screaming scours as I now recognize the disguise of what I know is really I being silly dilly-dallying around in distressing dizziness is done long gone like 1932.

I am graciously thankful for my newfound wisdom opening my rivers of copious cornucopia sanctions me to reside in lavish idyllic blissful utopia.

Today and everyday in every way as my prayers open out my picture perfect peace highlights.

My endless flow of plush prosperity in a divine blessed way and in serene pristine divine order now

With a Smile in My Heart

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

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