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I got it now God and Mrs. Universe the womb of emotional enterprising energy sets my earthly plane in motion as I emphatically set my intentions of my sired desires.

Into the ethereal ethers God, Mrs. Universe the womb of dawning dauntless wisdom, my super conscious, subconscious, conscious and daily escapades unmask.

My life expanding tasks exalting me into daily action in my candid external fiasco’s fissuring my egotistical arrogance shamelessly gobbling like a turkey eating tons.

Of humble pie uncluttering my puttering around in mundane insaneness feeling all the ingrained festering yesterday’s history realizing I now live in an uninterrupted now.

From the first time on earth to eternity authorizes my enterprising wise to let go of me thinking I am a human being in control is an egotistical silliness of me playing the fool.

In a pool drooling drivel of follow the leader stew which are beliefs believe and faith as I now realize as we are taught to believe everything I believed in leaves in an instant.

As I now recognize everything is a onetime divine find to expand out of any situation because belie is the image the subliminal image pillaging my visions.

As I scream belief is a thief as I now realize a belief says to me spiritually below the surface of my skin lies a thief of my dreams.

All my beliefs were self-taught for naught smearing my human characteristics believe faith and belief system creates a date.

With a fermented fate of insane planeness transforming me into the norm to think I am changing crassly causes me.

To write a fable disabling me to be free spinning my ingrained patterns living life the same way day after day healing is sealing a conscious inscription of deception.

In my inner spiel embedding the ingrained the pain of yesterday is now a done deal unwinding my divine diviner.

To realize my newly discovered wisdom is outdated and deflated expanded into new understanding of my life now as soon as applied to a situation undocks.

My canonized sapient seascape to understand I listen with a troubadour ear to hear the soothsayer success music God and Mrs. Universe the womb of endless.

Lavish opulent opportunities play for me today and everyday as my vibrant visions open my entrepreneurial wise.

Unbridling my frontiersmen eyes un-trap my rapping revelations tapping my revered rhythm of my inner forthright fortitude to understand.

My triumphant trails because I choose to hear my inner entrepreneur squeal unleash you blessed boldness from with listen to God and Mrs. Universe.

Trust my omnipotent intuition bust loose from the money game to unlock my galvanizing astute mahatma energizing my worldly trendsetter wandering prophesying poet.

Experience authorizes and allows me to instantly witness instant revealing of the physical prosperity unlocks my divine listening to glisten.

With newborn geniusness galvanizing gutsiness to realize my daily life is my physical spiritual experience to unlock the divine spiritual within so I win.

God and Mrs. Universe understand the physical experience to unlock the newborn superstar sapience to beam from my heart hallowing bold enriching acumen.

Main lining my enlightenment elixir to stir maturity within me to see the physical plane as fame and fortune fame enflames wisdom as fortune is me expressing talisman talent

Everybody that enters my life is a teacher to bring from within me a new way to experience life because life in every form is unrefined wisdom.

To be introduced as snappy parvenu acumen. Most coaches and spiritual people dodge lessons with thinking rather than experiencing the essence of the situation.

Because all negativity is a judgment opens my inner percipience to realizing God and Mrs. Universe hurl negativity like a Nolan Ryan fast ball to patiently watch.

As God and Mrs. Universe so patiently watch with a smile when I swing and miss they high five each other say sending him/her the heat this time to see how he/she handles.

The fire of their desires as I swing and hit a home run the pat me on the back say we will be back for another game of show me “I don’t know.” galvanizing acumen magic electrifying.

My core cleverness showing me away to always in all ways hit the grand slam of success love wealth wisdom health and divine grandeur in every facet of my life instantly.

How I swing my bat of heart wisdom at me to free my magical soul heroism engaging my mystical magician within to unleash a fury of forthright utopian revolutionary Yahweh.

To open the way for my peerless seer to be unwavering to piquantly savor everything I encounter in my life.

Expand my wisdom when you shy away from unsavory situations or people sets in motion the perilous potion of newborn fears.

Because I understand everything another person says to me has nothing to do with me. As I understand them are they words coming from within them.

As I understand two life expanding energies 1 I expanded out of this ingrained pattern or this is a new lesson for me and God Mrs. Universe and my intuitive intuition.

Are giving me a head start to let go and expand out of the situation instantly? Because it came to my ears for a heavenly purpose as I instantly realize God and Mrs. Universe.

Are in charge I am the facilitator of my daily experiences to heed their blessed rainbow brilliance as I steam full speed ahead on my esteemed life path allowing me.

To stop and smell field after field all colors of roses of tasting my rich omnipotent success expresses my hearty appreciation to God and Mrs. Universe.

For their patient guidance and I because I unlocked the guts to uncover my supreme dreaming patience discovers my frontrunner classiness to televise my gunfighter gall.

To walk down my suave streets of lavish luxury today and every day in the right way under grace in pristine proud way and in keen serene divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom Innovation Coaching

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