book-HolidayWisdomMy Soul Shouts

My soul sapience shouts canonized clout avowing prodigious innovation energizing nabob cavort enthusiasm opening my intra-prizing eyes…

To understand nabob is a rich powerful person unlocks the blocks auspiciously allows me to blissfully love life sagaciously socking the world…

Fear is My Friend: via @amazon

Fear is My Friend: via amazon

With my spectacular omnific chutzpah keenly cognizing I am kinetically kevalin pure in my ardor aura showing the world…

I am free of karmic clutter televising my batters up valor hitting a home run of fun beaming my omniscient owlish-essence exhibiting savvy superstar excitement naturalizing common sense…

Exuberantly broadcasting my parvenu prolific I am terrific premonitions I am powerful in wisdom rich in heart smarts undoes a bountiful brilliant cavort as cavort means dance…

Holiday Wisdom: via amazon

Holiday Wisdom: via amazon

Unloosens my preserving perusing prowess to shamelessly recognize I am rich in omnificence potentate powerful when I dance in determination awesome-eyes-zing nabob confidence…

With A Smile in My Heart

Robert A. Wilson

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