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Hi, Marjorie Geiser, tell us what you genre you wrote for your current book

This book is for health, wellness and fitness professionals who dream of starting a business but have held back for any number of reasons.

What made you choose to write this genre?

So many wellness professionals are excellent at what they specialize in, but don’t know business. And most business books don’t speak their language. Thus, they are left feeling confused and frustrated.

I realized that not all people can work with me in my coaching programs, but I wanted a way to still help them. My book served that purpose.

Tell our audience what your book is about

My book walks service professionals through three steps to create the business of their dreams: First there is the discovery process. I prompt them to create their vision, learn how to use bootstrapping as they get going, address the fears, doubts and limiting conversations they experience through the process, encourage them to develop goals and help them look at how to organize their time and work.

Part 2 is the clarifying aspect of business development: Through a series of exercises, I walk them through creating their niche, look at what’s unique about them, and walk them through their marketing message.

Part 3 is the planning process. Although there are aspects of ‘traditional’ business planning, I separate out and literally take them by the hand to create a marketing plan and a marketing calendar. We complete by coming back to balance.

Who’s your favorite character in your book and why?

My reader, grin.

Do you have a favorite scene? If so what and where is it?

Favorite part is probably the clarifying part, because I use that a lot in my coaching. Before a person can truly attract a wealth of clients to them, they have to clarify who they are, what they love to do and what makes them tick.

Do you have any other books that you’d like to talk about?

I have several ebooks that also help professionals grow their businesses. “Websites Made Easy, Quick and Affordable” is another workbook tool that walks readers through the process of creating a website. Part 1 addresses the mechanics of doing it all yourself, which is how I learned. Part 2 is helping the reader create criteria to find a web designer if he/she doesn’t want to do it themselves. And Part 3 is a step-by-step guide for writing your home page and ‘about me’ page. This part is for all readers, regardless of if they do it themselves or hire someone, because no one else will know what you’re about and what makes your ideal client tick like you do. The link to that ebook is, but it can also be purchased from Amazon.

Another ebook that many have found helpful is “13 Bootstrap Strategies to Build your Business on a Shoestring Budget.” Many service professionals don’t have a lot of money when they start out, so they need to do it all, themselves! This is what bootstrapping is all about. This is a simple guide for suggestions on what to do to get your business up and running when you have no money. That’s what I did, myself. I started by bootstrapping and only brought on team members as my business grew. The link to that ebook is

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My business page?

Do you have a blog/website to visit?

Website is

Book website is

Blog page is

Where can we find your books to purchase?

Just Jump can be purchased from any major physical or online bookstore, plus from the book website if someone wants the companion ebook and a signed book. It’s also available on Kindle. The ebooks can be purchased from the links mentioned above, or also from Amazon on Kindle.

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