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Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

Merry Christmas!!!

I write my visions first person and without punctuation to allow the reader to expand their wisdom their way in a bold bright new way.

I asked me this question… How will I feel receiving my lavish abundances forever? Authorized me this question… How will I feel taking the word poverty out of my life forever?

Unlatched this crisp question… How have I been taught poverty and lack in daily life from womb to present day?  Unfettered my liberating guts to be brutally honest…

With me cutting away my pity ditty fluff and stuff and confess to the world allowing all its inhabitants the way to expand their lives is to be coldheartedly honest…

With themselves grasping their abilities as I now understand being unselfishly honourable to me I am freer as I fly higher to soar unconquerably because I gallantly glide above the fray

Of “why me…” into “hell yeah I play in the universes ubiquity wealth” stream into my life ratifies my sassy spryness to show me I am Thee saintly savant of my valiant voyage of seeing..

Affluence vivaciously aggrandizes triumph to instantly quit disrespecting my talent when I am afraid to receive and to let go of poverty in my vocabulary allow my opulent oratory…

To expand my life into pristine pleasure as look at me receiving luxurious affluence I strive in awesome trust of my abilities to make challenges regal rich experiences as I energize…

My whooshing xanadu to say I let go of whoop-tee do expanded into I am thee wooing doer unleashing witty omniscient oomph dumping the rapping crap in stool flushing down…

The drain enflaming my fame and fortune to flow to my in rivers of riches as I receive in gracious grandeur grinning from ear to ear as my hearts appreciation beams esteem thank you…

My sassy soul sends out unselfish love to all in the cosmos because I send value I receive copious cornucopia because I now grasp I just deserve and I am just worthy free of any story…

That I feel inside me so now I decree I am free to receive today and every day in every way under grace in a perfect way and in divine order so now I now see the universe write a check…

Instantly paid to the receiver Robert Allen Wilson (Your Name) amount unlimited Paid in Full Law of Abundance when now opens my wealthy will to thrill me in a worldly jubilee…

To be free to exuberantly embrace my spectral bliss mirroring my wedding night delighting all of my in my inner corridor feeling rainbow ecstasies glowing gracious loving mirroring…

The heat of wedding night exciting my accounts to mimic 9.0 earthquake for god sakes I love this receiving harmony I feel flow from the universe to e and all involved in my life now…

As I now feel me experiencing lavish abundance because I untethered my magnetizing masseur to massage the universe with my magical wands of fond to say abracadabra…

Then I instantly receive my high tide money flow because I confessed address and blessed the universe and all its in habitants with life expanding value today and every day in every way…

In the receiving rich way in an amazing accepting way in awesome appreciating way under grace in a picture perfect way and in divine order now to eternity…

Thank You

With a Unselfish Love flowing from My Heart beaming a Sassy Smile from my Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality




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