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Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

I unleashed my whims of vim to win to waltz in new avenues of woo avowing my now to wow the pow excite my wisdom omnificence wealth to walk n wisdom in an unattached panache…

Unlatches my memories of distress allowed me to fess up to whatever I have done with 100% responsibility accents my accountability to me to walk into the fires of my life striving…

In farsighted feistiness ignites my fiery desires shows me and the world vanguard veracity unlocks winds of willingness to blow my breezes of boldness escorts the tort…

Of political correctness to the compost pile alleviating my defeatist impishness allows me to purge the urge to follow herd exhilarates my defeater feats to fly effrontery astute tooting…

My horn of newborn bravery broadcasts my brighten brilliance reveres ardor vibrancy electrifying rococo yesses say yes to my adamant mating of my affluent revolutionary…

Monetary safaris with my beaches of bountiful bliss as I feel my opulent omnificence party hearty in visionary veins fame feeling animated magnificent everyday…

As I unadulterated-lee grasp my vim televises my vigorous visionary inspiration manifesting my sired desires instantly because I trusted my innovative intuition reveals my sassy sex appeal…

To me tenaciously tells me I am thee real deal daring elegance aggrandizing life’s extravaganzas expressing a stately saintliness to understand life is moment to moment exposé…

Of fun loving heydays as I sashay on Broadway showcasing my gutty grandeur to admit to me that everything I speak and see shows me my subconscious imagery and encrypted memories…

Telling my inner most secrets in the moment as I unraveled my grittiness to understand when I ask questions with “know” I am stuck in memory….

As I ask questions with “realize” I am opening my wizardry wise to feeling my geysers of genius flow through my veins of urbane utopian kindness gushes lustful liveliness to bless…

The universes airwave with my raving robust trust in me highlights my genuine graciousness to admit when I kind I am divine telecasts my enlightened titanium steeliness in my inner warrior…

Thank You


With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

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