upload_coverSubconscious Stimulation

Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

As I now grasp subconscious stimulation in imaginative infatuation of out of this world wisdom to expand me out of this situation and confusion is the misconception of ego and fertilizing…

Of the eggs in my womb of my booming ideas canonizing the conception of my intuitive prowess birthing my sired desires in my physical paradise to feel the glow and flow…

Of my lavish never-ending cascading cash flow that instantly occurs in the fury of confusion as I defuse my rigidness to right contrite and indignant tyrant admitting I was ranting try-ant…

Because the rigid-der I choose to be I invoke mundane scared saneness afraid to raid my revolutionary audacious imaginative discerning yearning nomadic nature to experience…

My heaven on earth experiences because confusion is the new paradigms of my divine speaking to me from the heavens with Mother Earth allowing me to rumba in my brimming boldness…

Uniquely unattached to life circumstances as I prance in disarray I pray in sun rays of rousing ESP seeing everyday spectaculars parade lavish regal riches in my day to day celebrations…

Televising my hailing wailing willingness to walk into hail storm of norm unlashing my dashing debonair heart hegemony to throw the hailstones right back into the air turning them…

Into sweet smelling soft rain nourishing Mother Earth with Mother Nature featured way because Mother Nature has a way of exposing the unsavory and savory at the same time….

As my empire building valor inflames a green earthly plain with every blade of grass mirroring the billion dollars I have in the bank because I choose to send my male egotistical clanking…

Prankster to jail forever unleashing my savvy savant ego understanding frisky feistiness with a gut the struts in humility that understands people and life will be my test me to be the best…

Thank You


With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

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