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Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

Opens the reality of living in your dream state with visionary poetry to take the try-out of life to expand into the savvy spryness electrifying the images of the reader’s dreams…

I write in first person and unpunctuated mirroring day to day experiences life is forever in motion and you the reader is the one experiencing life you are living now….

I now unleash my Bold-Hearted Guts to give me the green light of bright to realize I enlighten my challenges taking away my remembering the encumbrances of challenge into grasping…

My mystical sources of my visionary vibrancy purposely place chaos in front of me to fissure my dilly dallying in thinking my mundane existence is my sole purpose for me to be here…

On this earthly plane inanely moping through my daily life with complacency that extracts my will to play in the fields of financial paradise entices my spirit to rise and shine in my divinity…

Of my doubtless clout to catapult luminary optimism as I now understand my wisdom release the crudeness of my lewd memories that enters every situation in the beginning allows me…

To broaden my brazenness to bold-heartedly showcase the guts to be calm exuding balmy bravery in every circumstance that prances into my daily encounters to promptly releasing…

The quick quirkiness to go into instant angst is now banked in oblivion to never ever live again excites my kevalin balmy cleverness to authorize my wise nobility…

To triumphantly trust my super-conscious joie de vivre excites my subconscious stimulation all my angels and divine trines my inspiration innovation and cutting-edge talent to ballet into…

My animated awareness to instantly unburden my herd-in hindrances embrace my perky brightened sun rays of praise unbridling my robust astuteness yessing my spiritual spark…

Hearken my hearts hierophant dauntlessness to walk into the situations overflowing with self-starting self-esteem to let go the quirky work-e that never works because work…

In the subconscious mind reminiscing hissing of doing things I never wanted to do allow my prowess wow to walk out willingly to expand out of having tools expanding into exposing…

My intuitive inspiration energizing my state of the art vibrancy to invigorate my intra-prizing wisdom to realize I live in my new frontiers of seer brewing of brilliant resolve…

Expanding wherewithal ingenuity naturalizing galvanized grit get and go throw a going away party to all that has served me setting me free to sail away in sumptuous sassiness…

Thank You


With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

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