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Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

I write my visions in free flowing unpunctuated to allow the reader to feel the words to open their inner landscape to new emotional bliss…

I insert the perky alerting my fiery fame to fantasize aggrandize magnetize energize my universe surprises to enterprise to glide into the risk taking spiciness of my capitalist gist…

To galvanize intuitive sassiness tantalizes the earthly airwaves with raving rich astuteness visualizing clear hued views of my worldly wealth that pleases my day to day exposés…

In a pristine sanguine way today and every day in every way as I sashay in hierophant heyday so I feistily say I unsaddled my pity prattle listlessness to rattle skedaddling prudence…

To instantly infuse profuse rococo ubiquitous daringness energizing nabob chutzpah electrifying my visionary voltage amps up my farsighted adventurous frequencies exhilarating…

My hertz of curt perkiness ascending my never ever depending on the government or anybody for my entertaining emolument as I unbridled my canonized utopian rapture turning loose…

My perusing prowess to feel my emotional oceans of omnificence to realize I never lose when I peruse the universe to hear the whims of wisdom sweetens my pot of golden glowing gallantry…

Thank You


With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality


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