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Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

I wrote forge my niche to enrich your life in the first person and unpunctuated to infatuate your desire to expand your life in a bold brilliant way….

I now have taken over my reins of fame to forge my niche in the world broadcasts my nirvana intuition canonizing hell raising expeditions to romance my dance of dauntless animated…

Collaboration electrifying my streets of defeater feats unlocks my cocky new-fangled fearlessness to ask myself this quixotic question…

How is everything I feel is unreal the real deal to expand my life experiences into living my lavish luxury?

Then how is everything I think is real steal my dreams? Keeping me stuck in mundane muck causing me to think life…

Sucks shucking my sired desires into the waste baskets creating wasted nights of blight took flight and crashed into o my seas of success because I now embrace I encompass the guts…

To strut everything life energizes my striving aliveness to feel my experiences rather thinking my experiences then clamoring in change causing pain in everything I do is pooh…

In my minds stew as I now confess to the world my kiln keen shines my world into pristine prosperity as I shower the world with my whimsical wisdom intrepid innovation…

Trendsetting talent and amplified audaciousness to be defiantly different televising my daring individual farsighted feistiness energizing revolutionary epiphanies naturally tantalizing…

My stalwart savvy to forge my niche by stopping bitching grabbing my reins of fame declaring I put raw steel into my fiery forge milling the shills…

Into thrilling triumph telecasting my omniscient oomph to feel the flow of my glowing grandeur light up my life in a rainbow glow in a bold beautiful way…

Thank You


With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

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