Fear-Is-My-Friendbooklet-OutsideUn-disguising a Photo Shopper

Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

I now have the ballsy brazenness to undress a photo op shopper when they volunteer me for something they said they would do then taking credit for somebody else’s stuff…

Now suddenly I watch peoples actions tonality and action to witness their grandeur or giddiness as I now spot  a photo op shopper as flip flopping scissor-bill spewing BS out both sides…

Of their mouth because they flop around like a fish out water a lot flopping now action with inept outcome because a photo op shopper is insincere squawker as I now comprehend…

A photo op shoppers discouraging words are “I would have done it this way” or “What were you thinking” is the funk of being plunked by egotistical punks with a demising disguise of being…

My friend mentor or family member promptly causes our relationship to be at an end allowed me to stopped depending on their endless pooh in the stew dupery…

Sent my spirited spree of free to un-punk my spunk to ratify my valorous verve to admit those who look for the photo op are loose in the lips do a flip to look good as they quack…

In lack and smack their lips of being dipped in dimwittedness because they staunchly smell of fear with frightened flightiness as look boldly forthright in their eye…

As I now instantly recognize they do is a disguise of impishness as now can spot a photo op shopper instantly as a person that says “I would have done it this way”…

Exposes their fake and bake shakiness into the earthly ethers of have neither moral values nor integrity because they are to busy thinking about the lies of yesterday they are afraid of today…

As I now realize when hear or say I would have done it this is a photo op to look good in the conscious mind as it embeds another I am fed up with my way of life…

So I look at other peoples life’s to feel good right were I am at looking for another photo op causes me to splat on my face giving me a black eye of shyness…

Unlocked self-assured cockiness as I showcased my razzle dazzling daringness to ride hell bent for election into every situation with my farsighted eyes wide open…

My feisty sword of sapient wisdom optimizing revolutionary discernment earning my desired cash flow in a glow of awesome aliveness in my core décor…

Thank You


With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

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