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As I now announce to all the people in the world since I unpunctuated my writings I undone my control mechanisms into instantly see magnificent outcomes instantly appear in my life…

Hypnotherapy with Vision, NLP with Neuro Linguistic Inspirational Innovation introducing you to a Visionary Vocabulary that emancipates your personal prowess…

Liberating emotional intuition energizing innovative inspirations into fruition by understanding expand energize enterprise and experience in galvanizing gusto…

Eye unleash my Bering Sea Moxie to showcase my 85,000 emotions 60,000 thoughts that flow thru my inner landscape on a daily basis mirrors the Bering Sea because I encompass…

The animated abilities to go from calm serene seas into a artic hurricane in a flash highlighting my savant ego transforming me into hurricane of egotistical drama traumatizing..

Of inner landscape then I go past go without collecting $200 creating a sly why me situation in my physical countryside changing me egotistical arrogant tyrant in the drop of a hat…

To fall flat on my smell of the tell feeling my snobbish hell when I allow outside events be my reactionary dictator of my life experiences when I know everything about…

Everybody else’s life the thinking I know what is best for other people and they should do everything just like me creates a typhoon of in my view of the world with my expectations…

Of today being yesterday with insanity being my modus operandi opens the way for my daily encounters to mirror 40 ft swells of hell for the fisherman opens this new preciousness within…

To admire the veracity of the Bering Sea as I grasp the luxuries of life are hidden in the swells of hell because I now grasp calm and quiet occur right after the swells of hell occur mirroring…

The Bering Sea that goes from hell to swell in heartbeat mirroring copious copiousness to bless my life as I realize I choose chaos to either be blessing or cursing me it is totally up to me..

To free being the chains of pain as I now grasp I choose pain or pleasure opens this new premise do I choose the memory or the stimulation of the situation…

As I now realize my way is the Bering Sea Treasure that are buried within me sets me free to relish my lavish life of luxury…

Thank You
With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality
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