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I asked myself… How are my mistakes miss-takes? So I instantly opened my crux of strutting trust to grasp my life experiences are winds of wisdom blowing…

In for me to win televising my wisdom innovation natural talent visionary valor to recognize my life mirror the images body language and nirvana nuances…

Bold bravura to stream from esteemed aura awesome-I-zing ultra-rich affluence to glow from heart supremacy to flow from soul sapience into the universes airwaves…

Showing all the people way to let of go of miss-takes expanding into ascending acumen energizing sunrise wise to dawn a splendor of never defending…

Or depending on miss-takes thinking hindsight is 20/20 released this funny in me it hindsight is 20/20 looking back creating a memory of selfish silliness….

That I encased is brainless bias cause me to setting on my procrastinating past opened my luminary eyes to hindsight leaves me living in the darkest of night…

As I expand in grandeur to understand my body tells me the way to play in prosperity my eyes are in front to see my ears are on the side to hear all around…

As my nose and mouth are in front and my dispose-all is in the back to leave all the crap behind unlocks a gallant gutsiness to grasp I dine in wisdom to feast…

On farsighted enterprising animation synergizing triumphant opulent outcomes because I unlatched a snazzy sagacity to understand life is lionized innovation…

I now emotional-eyes unsavory happenings as mistakes are a self-imposed larceny of being a victim to my thoughts the churn out an courageous canonized clout…

To realize my deeply rooted repeating defeats that working my memories to work me into frenzy because the images emotions and people involved expanding…

To energy of the situation  honourable supremacy to enter my life I simplify my life grasping a mistake is a miss-take of the experience because I got caught up…

In the naught of the situation bullied me into torrential turmoil causing my blood to boil

Because I bought into the spoils of the event coiling me in a holocaust of exhausting fumes of doom preventing me from understanding…

The mystical moxie of the situation spurs my nitty-gritty thrusting me into emotionally trusting my lusting inspirational innovation televising dashing…

Astuteness the situation was hiding as I grasp dreams sired desires and lavish luxury is an internal hide and seek to let go to being meek expanding out….

Of seeking into understanding letting go of the remembrances expands me out of memorized goading of myself expanding into Xanadu of cooacious woo…

Too suavely boogie recognizing woo of doing my thing zings my wisdom opening opportunity energizing my geysers of money to overfill my bank accounts….

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

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Robert A. Wilson’s author’s page www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

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