Flow in the Glow: "Book" http://dld.bz/dqZ65

Flow in the Glow: “Book” http://dld.bz/dqZ65

Crystal Chandelier of Sapient Seer

Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

Flow in the Glow: “Book” http://dld.bz/dqZ65,

Flow in the Glow “Kindle” http://dld.bz/dqZ67

Flow in the Glow “CD” http://dld.bz/dqZ6D,

I now grasp my megastar moxie shows me I encompass the guts to expand rather than stay in the pain of change trying to fit into society so I can make…

The money telling people what I am afraid to do because I now understand change is staying the same feeling good in societies hoodwink of stinking thinking go…

To school follow the herd of marketers that keep me weeping in their way of thinking stopped about 2 years ago because I choose to look at their way of life…

To see how they were doing without all the followers and how they treated the people that helped out so I see it was all about them looking good in the mirror…

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As I now announce to all the people in the world since I unpunctuated my writings I undone my control mechanisms into instantly see magnificent outcomes…

Instantly appear in my life hypnotherapy with Vision, NLP with Neuro Linguistic Inspirational Innovation introducing you to a Visionary Vocabulary…

That emancipates your personal prowess liberating emotional intuition energizing innovative inspirations…

Into a lavish never ending abundant fruition by understanding expand energize enterprise and experience in galvanizing gusto…

As I now cognize as I read people posting other peoples quotes of ode doe to moldy old as I read other people posting other people quotes it tells me they want…

To be seen by who they know rather than by their own wisdom unbridled my breezes of brilliance to dance this new premise to be me I post my quotes…

Of boosting the boldness in people to let go of their sheepleness expanding out of distrusting their abilities expanding into the nirvana new energizing the dreams…

To be their esteemed wealthy way of life as choose to electrify defying daringness as I choose to flow in the glow expressing my galvanizing lively omnific wisdom…

To walk n wisdom showing people the express way of expanding their grandeur to shine from crystal chandelier of sapient seer flows from soul savvy omnipotent…

Utopian lust to trust my abilities to light up the universe with sunrise wise allowing people to see themselves in mirror of uncorrupted moneyed-up classiness…

As I am expanding grandeur telecasting my self-assured sassiness authorized me to ask these questions… How am I showcasing to the world my megastar moxie?

How am I the superstar of your life?  How do I allow memories to steal my dreams and sired desires?

How you were born in the right place and at the right time because of your internal innovation?

How am I and all people in the world here because of our collaborating charisma toi expand universe into pristine peace and plush prosperity?

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

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Robert A. Wilson’s author’s page www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson,

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Flow in the Glow: “Book” http://dld.bz/dqZ65,

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