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I now understand to be “of” my dreams than see me in my dreams allows me to understand the esteemed dreaminess of my effrontery essence allows me…

To be thee dove of my dreams fly I the light of me to shine the divinity of my wininity to understand the pure white light of my soul heart darts…

My debonair flair because I unlocked this brazenness to realize to in my dreams I am attached to everything as I see myself as eagle soaring above my dreams…

To glide obligingly my Aumakua Do woos my intra-stellar hell raiser to graze on the prosperity pastures admiring the universes splendor to never be the depend-e-e…

Sitting on the bench of societies stench drenched in the BS of somebody else’s vile denial because I now understand being scared to be rare speaks in fear…

As I now hear the herds barbs of dang I had the idea giving the inner prosecute-tor that verbally scared me because I saw my idea making other people experience…

Their life of Riley as I internally berated me for being a scared-tee cat brat falling flat on face because internally I feel I disgraced me opened my eyes to realize…

I taught myself disgrace opened this embracing raciness to be of my dreams I am going to piss somebody off lets my unhook of being societal snookered books…

Of following the herd unclogged my arteries of artistry to be free allows me to audaciously admit I am the one and only one that can and disables me…

To steal my dreams is me sets my sovereign sailor free to sail my oceans of opulent opulence in bold beautiful way  so now I artfully admit I was the thief…

Of my dreams unlocks my catapulting cockiness to be of my dreams to of the world to be of wealth success unselfish love to be of my lavish never ending avalanches…

Of mammoth money flow now to eternity UN-embeds my dreads to embed my emotional boldness to fly like eagle telecasting the elegant essence of dove…

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

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Listen to “Robert A. Wilson” doing live hypnotherapy http://dld.bz/dqZ4W,

Robert A. Wilson’s author’s page www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson,

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