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Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

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I now embrace the piquant perkiness of my gut to dance my waltz of lavish luxury because I now understand my pastures of plush prosperity to foxtrot….

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As I now announce to all the people in the world since I unpunctuated my writings I undone my control mechanisms into instantly see magnificent outcomes…

Instantly appear in my life hypnotherapy with Vision, NLP with Neuro Linguistic Inspirational Innovation introducing you to a Visionary Vocabulary…

That emancipates your personal prowess liberating emotional intuition energizing innovative inspirations…

Into a lavish never ending abundant fruition by understanding expand energize enterprise and experience in galvanizing gusto…

In robust red hot wealth success unselfishness wisdom innovation and money waltz hand and hand into my life to expand the world into entrepreneurial energies…

Because I now understand the superrich are rich because understand people are the abundant resource of never ending lavish avalanches of mammoth money…

Flow that overfills their bank accounts because the superrich embrace the energy of money by understanding people is their endless money supply…

Which Henry Ford understood so I now understand I covet my candid cockiness to walk n wisdom to grasp wisdom is curious brio to unhook the books…

That society wants me to read inbreeding the secret codes of hoi polloi that kept me rolling in sheeple heap of creepiness that I never understood…

Because I was always in the fraudulence change that kept opening old paradoxes of the same old crap so to un-crapped the societal prattle to rattle the cage…

Of my eternal sage to embrace my willingness to see everything and everybody is my teacher to un-teach the preaching of sheeple that keeps people riding…

The subways to dismay opens my avowing awesomeness of me to unleash my spiritual simplicity excites my electric sagacity to see the world spins…

On wisdom innovative guts and money as I now understand to embellish my life of Riley I now grasp the magnificent energy of money shows me…

The innocence of money enhances my waltz of lavish luxury to understand the innocence of money releases me to receive accept graciously appreciate me…

Innocently witnessing my endless copious avalanches of mammoth money streams because I now free my self-esteem to receive…

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

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Robert A. Wilson’s author’s page www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson,

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