Life is loveBy God I God-It

I now understand by God I God-It today allows to play in the universe one time life is one divinity to understand I God-It unleashes my intra-celestial common sense…

To un-dense the suspense of my life’s expanding epiphanies because I God-It the magical mystical phenomenons of the world all begin with something upside…

Down to allow me to savor the gusto to instantly say presto and my new prudent percipience reveres emotional soulfulness to optimize opulent opportunities…

To experience my dreams so now admit my life has been struggle because I choose it be struggle through my belief system predicated on outside sources…

As I now realize they are farces of darkness  because I allowed me to boggle my minds unwound my bound up rebellious brilliance to declare I am rare…

In being aware to gleam I the boldness of my uniqueness now I stay away from what I think I know allows me realize to know is to be stuck in a blizzard of BS…

So I valiantly energize what I understand authorizes my amazing wit to unbind my minds to unwind my lustful trust in the divine to intertwine…

My agile abilities debonair diviner farsighted frontiersman audacious avatar adhering me to my incredible acumen to see I am an instrument of the universe…

To sing songs of innovative nirvana scintillating tantalizing revelations unleash mystical exhilaration naturalizing trendsetting triumph to glow from soul…

Unclogging artistic arteries in worldly landscape allowing people liberate the innate imagination to recognize the wise essence of their whatever cleverness…

As I now grasp I am the innovative instrument of the universe because I am child of God understanding the magic of Mrs. Universes motherly wit to ride…

My grit get and go into the fires of my desires to understand  I exude my red-hot by God I God-It to glide in wisdom to strive in sassy tenacity to arrive…

In glowing sassy sex appeal sanctioning unreal the mundane to free flow the rivers of resolve that flow through my veins of foresighted feistiness…

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality


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