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I instantly unlatched rainbow resolve televising my audacious acumen highlight canonized charisma to rise above every circumstance a prancing prowess…

That wows me unleashing a uncensored enlighten energy into the universes perverseness because I now realize my embossing boldness…

To address every situation that scares the I asked me this question… How do I release my rainbow colorfulness to paint my darkness into luminous astuteness?

To show me and the world it’s our divine right to ride the night of blight into the light of colorful cleverness authorizing me to snuggle with my scintillating nous…

Unclogging my galvanizing gall living every day enterprising endeavor forever expanding through life with illuminated rainbow resolve to color

The earthly skies with spry savviness to say okay to all my experiences with savory suavity showing me my trails of triumph as I now realize the wizard within in me…

Unseals my visionary artist of amazing revolutionary tenacity invigorating sovereign sassiness to color every situation with chutzpah opening living omnific reverence…

Cutting the ties to depending on societies sapless way of life unlocks my coloring character allows me to experience my outside the lines divine enlivening…

My stylish wininity vivacity to shine my debonair flair accepting the dare of my dreams sired desires to salsa in my red hot lavish luxury the beams a light…
So bright the world is wear welding shields to see as I now rebelliously realize my ego lives as my spirit experiences unlocks the block of history…

To realize taught myself misery authorized me the guts to send all misery into fires of oblivion sanctioning me to experience my safari of success astuteness…

Financial affluence revving up incredible adventures into my terra incognita admitting to myself my terra incognita shows me…

My eternal tantalizing epitomizing revelations rev up ascending intuitive nous canonizing omnipotent guts naturally invigorating trendsetting acumen…

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

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Holiday Wisdom “Kindle”,

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