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Cowboy Wisdom Visionary Vitality

I awakened with a prudent poke of percipient resolve undone my daredevil exuberant niyama tantalizing pristine optimistic kevalin energy to glow from…

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My vehement veins of ordained omnipotence to understand my prudent poke uncoated my inner hoaxes because I coerced myself into rehearsing the event…

In my internal dialog emotional thinking as I now recognize that I rehearse situations in my mind from memory to keep everything ends…

The same way in a display of subconscious images was disengaged today forever unleashing my rapturous resolve to realize I listen to expand unfastened…

This glistening brilliance when I talk to balk in egotistical BS allows to me to understand those who covet what other have end up in an envious cry trying…

To keep up with me as I do what I do they induce heart burn with an acid incompetence stewing in poisonous envy churning in competitive desperation…

Because I now amazingly admit when I try to keep up or one up somebody I am in egotistical competition unlatches my intrepid insight to confidently cognize…

When I smile with dawning daringness people that are insecure and immature dig deep into their bag devious desperation to feel good about themselves…

In their victim-I-tice victim dis pissing their pants in   when they are disallowed what other people accumulated end up in karmic catastrophe to meet their…

Philosophizing wizard to realize there over stinking thinking of their selfish importance causes them to crash into an arrogant menagerie of dupery created…

By their egotistical dope on rope mocking everybody to scared to look in the mirror to see them un-paralyzes my ethereal seer to see me standing…

On the North Pole showing the world my North Star Soul expressing my Northern Lights Heart shines my summer sun acumen to clearly understand…

My eternal epiphany-I-zing energies synergize my metaphysical mystic excites my supreme individuality unites my kevalin knight and my visionary verve…

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

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