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I now grasp the classiness of clarity of gut un-trains my subconscious minds images that scrimmage my selfish I want it now and dreams that are voyage…

Of visionary omnificence yessing amazing graciousness expanding in wisdom energizing my gist enterprising my endeavors forever realizing life is…

Pioneering adventure for the entrepreneur enduring mystic unlocking my matchless mystic un-freaks my conscious mind unleashes a delicious astuteness…

To realize the human is selfish the spirit is thriving giving of genius innovation visionary insight naturalizes genteel sex appeal of awesomeness to understand…

I encircle an encrypted mind of staying away from pain wallowing in following the turds on the trail stinking thinking that was coloring inside the lines defined…

By society’s hidden rules of stay on the sidewalk of balk talking about what I going to do is the taboo of never do as I now those whom defied the social order rules…

Now write laws of the land to expand their empires to mirror visionary imagery synergizing the geysers of valor to understand gargantuan unlimited surpluses…

Of money wealth success lavish luxury unbinds my heart stimuli to fly skies my soul’s omnipotent unconquerable lifevaciousness living sumptuously blessed…

Experiencing orgasmic bliss soothes my smooth oozing persona heats the worldly vista in sauna of spectacular awesome utopia nirvana aggrandizing my clarity…

Of gut I now choose to release clarity of mind unwinds my fresh ado in foresighted to understand I expand into hearing the clarity of my gut to galvanize…

Unearthly talent from within me sets me free to experience titillating spiritual spree celebrating listening to the seers of the universes to grasp life…

As an exulting experience of energizing events as now grasp to expand of being anything into understand everything allows me to avow the new wisdom…

That steams to me from esteemed silence unsheathing unforeseen wininity allows the wow of the cosmos to fuel my cosmic cool as I now sheen in presto prowess…

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

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Robert A. Wilson’s author’s page,

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