Letting Go “CD”  http://dld.bz/dqZ2h,

Letting Go “CD” http://dld.bz/dqZ2h,

Unguilted My Guilt

Cowboy Wisdom

I victoriously unguilted my guilt that fueled my internal frostbite contriteness that contracted me into the foils of control I now understand unguilted my guilt…

Unlocks nabob guts unifying intuitive lively trendsetting epiphanies discerning mystical yesses galvanizing unearthly intuition lionizing tantalizing liberating…

Ingenuity to entice my intra-wininity unseals my wonderful imagination n because I tried to change in brain rather expand in soul sovereignty heart supremacy…

As I allowed my memorized history DNA to stay encrypted with history from previous life spans as I now understand the life spans are to expose…

Our hidden haunts to our consciousness to untie the lie of being human because as I expand into grasping to be human is hide in guilt by telling others what to do or…

This is how I would do it is the dimwitted twit I witnessed in myself as I now choose to broaden my colorful cleverness to declare what anybody does in their life is…

Their way energizes their dreams because everybody’s life has explicit experiences to nurture their soul cherish the heart savvy untethers their visionary veracity…

In the super conscious electrify the subconscious with innate images my showing people their true talent as I sit in sunny wit to realize the less I look into others is…

The instant I book flight on my red carpet ride gliding into my life of riley sitting on cloud divine drinking my champagne of fame and fortune to never be internally…

Tortured again so I win to experience eternal spark of hearken stimulation unleashes my everlasting nirvana freeation relishing my lightning bolt inspiration…

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

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