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Cowboy Wisdom

I now waltz of celestial bliss dishes out my devout clout of canonized liveliness opening unearthly trails hailing my trustworthy heart and soul rock n roles…

My selfless omniscient uncensored love I now appreciate my celestial bliss to undress my stress to dressing me in my mystical briskness embracing…

My pioneering essence whooshes my gut to hear the ruthless truth boosts my unconquerable lust in trusting myself because I choose to hug my celestial bliss…

As I kiss my life with kevalin innocence enshrines unbound subconscious an astute super conscious that gleam my high-spirited self-esteem entrances prancing…

Awesomeness televises my brazen amazing optimistic omnipotence stimulating intrepid natural gallantry enticing my daring revolutionary entrepreneurial…

Sassy sexy savant waved my wand of dawning fondness of my stouthearted farsightedness spurs my expanding sanguinity my life experiences to be…

My delicious dessert of overt opulence to declare my revered rareness of my core chi to say gee whizz ditches the eesh of my etched internal heck that I permitted…

To heckle me was my deep rooted looters are now clearly cleaned from me of my charlatans’ criticizers are now fissured releases my innovative prowess…

Embellishes my mystical empathies unsheathe my dauntless effrontery chutzpah livens up ascending revered enlightenment synergies my innergee releases…

My intra-surprising innovation undocks my wallowing in human habits rockets me into stellar cadence to dance in celestial bliss of bold lionizing intrepid sagacity…

Sensualizing my savvy innocence dismissing all my secretive deviants that I knew where there that kept me despair farrowing deeper into the dark farces of dearth…

Afraid to uncage the rage into being released unearthed my birthing of heavenly ecstasy in sagacious seeing my life experiences undressed my soul sovereignty…

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

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