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Cowboy Wisdom

I now feel my omnific orgasms electrify my omnipotent opulence shows me animating affluence to influence my copious chutzpah to understand I taught…

I to see every event as a fault is an insulting cult of people ridiculing ways because I now grasp hearing ridicule and smart crass is as much of the test…

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To be the best as the event itself un paralyzes my panegyrized [pan-i-juh-rahyz] praising eulogies of my wily willingness to grasp the gall to exude incorruptible…

Honour to admire my dreams cheeky candor to show me my hidden hegemony to ask every situation where the new acuity to magnify mystical foresight magically…

Opening my forthright fortitude to recognize my fervid feistiness because I now realize every part of every situation was to expand my guts innovation intuition…

Inspiration trusting in my internal intrepidness in every way as I now grasp every situation broadens my awesome artistry in my visual vibrations…

Amplifies my brush strokes to paint my magnificent mural of my orgasmic outcomes of my dreams in the sky as I foresee every horizon poetically painted…

Showing the bravura mural of my dreams because I now understand life is to be experienced of atomic orgasms with emotional oomph mirroring rocket boosters…

That send rockets into orbit as I now grasp people talk about war as something prestigious and sex as something dirty is an antiquated sedation of history…

As I now realize as I now admit a climax is release of passion war is act of aggression allows me to recognize the social society of the secret order set up…

This paradox of paltry crockery because I now understand the power of an orgasm is the release of passion and compassion in toe curling jubilance dancing…

My sensation of jubilation that boggles mind and massages my internal serenity into sleepy ecstasy of high-spirited autonomy allows me to admit to me…

I now inspire the daring desire in my to experience life in rocket booster orgasm fashion to see my stylishly alive in my visionary vogue unclogs…

My orgasmic cosmos to understand sex is the chillaxing of emotional lust liberating uncontrollable splendor tasting the nectars of nirvana I richly deserve…

Exemplifying I worthy to experience life’s orgasmic luxury because I participate in my test appreciating understand I am best so I rest on the zenith of my zeal…

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom

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