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Cowboy Wisdom

I now rotrustly understand the all mystical sources in the cosmos are asking for all people to understand classless classiness to expand out…

Of the snotty sabotaging cynicism the world spins in today authorized me to grasp the sassiness of my classless classiness to show…

My armistice stylishness of my utopian urbanity to show the world its okay to play in the universe of eternal peace and prosperity…

As I exposed my gallant guts to me today to ask… How is classless classiness opening the door for me to soar?

To ask this question… How is categorization of sterilizing the world of innovation opening wounds of doom and gloom?

As I now unravel the groveling of class warfare to understand classless classiness mirrors peace and prosperity to understand the savviness…

Of classless and peace let go of finking thinking about other people things the money wealth and success of others prosperity is…

The classiness excites my feelings of facilitating freedom in the heart soul DNA and cells because I now rotrustly ratify I taught myself…

Poverty through society school system parents and myself because I thought I had to have money to be respected and like on equal…

Basis is a self-taught society lie I told my pity me piker as piker is wannabe something is a ding a ling thing I had inside me sets…

Me free in a classless bliss classless I am me in classiness I am classless at peace with me because I see the free me to walk…

In wisdom around the world because wisdom is endless utopia as money is a temporary thing because all physical experiences are…

Rented things as classless classiness shows me the way to soar for ever more in bright light of luminary lithe breathing in all…

My divine grandeur rending my free in my spirit heart soul DNA and cells because to think I am better than somebody tells me I exhibit…

My punk in funk being dunked in the snot of snobbishness is the eesh the world is in today as people worship money is funny to…

My savvy sophistication because money worships wisdom innovation guts integrity honesty intuition imagination unleashes classless…

Sensations to ruthless admit to me I grasp this invocation through my spirit heart soul DNA and my hell raising cells to be okay …

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom


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