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Cowboy Wisdom

I now pulsate my innateness unseal smitten n getin frees my lickety split shit n get to embrace my racy emotional go shines my animated…

Anima (soul) ambiances energize newclear fusion mingles my wisdom innovation guts visionary winocity to witness my lavish endless…

Limitless avalanches of surpluses of love money opulence fun travel divine grandeur and all my divine inheritance as I now heroically feel…

My smitten n getin gusts… my lust for my life’s lionizing intrinsic farsightedness entrusting my spry sapience to mystically matures…

My trailblazing tenacity kissing and hugging my unconquerable vulnerability allows me to excitingly maneuver through my life…

Situations with a stalwart lithe that shows me my smitten n getin guts thrusts my internal integrity to steadfastly trust my amazing abilities…

To wisely waltz into the universes vista unseizes the world from control of social order mind emancipating all the peoples core décor to soar…

As I now unrobed my royal reverence in my skin to unleash my winocity of my sagacious vim and vigor releases my laser focus…

En-brightens my laser light show gleams my esteemed heart and soul glow beaming my spiritual savvy as I glide in smitten n getin lets fly…

My sassy magnificence igniting trendsetting talent energizing nirvana gallantry every day tantalizing imaginative nous to let loose…

Of the stained mundane mediocrity is entwined in my conscious mind twisting my in the winds of dim died today as I now sashay feeling…

My winds of wisdom that blow the sabotaging apathy out of me allows me to avow my enamored elegance to prance a brilliant bravura…

Of colorful astuteness through my internal landscapes painting my portrait of my innate farsighted brightness that lights up the world…

Like the Northern Lights that whooshes my boosting boldness into the world to show people its okay to be totally different than…

My neighbor’s friends and family as I unshackle my cocky candor to understand I walk in innocent humility respect in me….

Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart I Am Beaming a Sassy Smile From My Soul

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom


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